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NTR Radio

Posted in announcements on December 14, 2013 by predederva

I just had the pleasure to be on Episode 23 of the NTR Radio Podcast! I talked about the glorious 1980’s, specifically anime from that decade (but also important events from it) with the very cool trio KgodsVZ,  and Anubis . I had a lot of fun, probably the most fun since I was last on a podcast! I do hope you guys all listen, maybe you’ll get a little bit of an idea as to why I love the 1980’s and anime from that neon lit decade!




1985: The OVA Boom Begins

Posted in announcements on April 4, 2013 by predederva

1985My review for the Year of 1985 in anime was posted on The Golden Ani-Versary blog, today April 4th 2013. I cover the year in detail, specifically reviewing Area 88, Night on the Galactic Railroad, and Megazone 23 Part 1.

Eeeper’s Choice Podcast

Posted in announcements on February 4, 2013 by predederva

Recently I had the honor and the privilege to be a guest on the Eeeper’s Choice Podcast. We discussed in great detail my favorite Yoshiaki Kawajiri anime, Cyber City Oeda 808. This was the most fun I’ve had since the last time I was on a podcast (Otaku in Review podcast)!! I do hope you check it out, as it’s just another reason why you should watch this great OVA.


Looking for Guest Writers

Posted in announcements on April 4, 2012 by predederva

Since I started this site a few years ago now, it’s only been me here writing everything. Yup little old Prede toiling day in and day out to pump out tons of reviews for you guys to read. I slave over a hot computer, burning candles at both ends, to get an unimaginable amount of reviews out there on the internet. Ok not really, I’m sort of a slacker and have taken months off at a time. But I really am the only one who writes for the site, and I also write for The Fanboy Review. I’m also a full time university student, and earlier this year I was stressing over the LSATs  for law school (154 will do I suppose…).  So it’s not like I’m that lazy. Still even I am not happy with the long periods of hibernation this blog goes into from time to time. I do feel I need to dedicate more time to this blog. But that won’t be enough. I would like to remedy the situation and I can only see one solution. My idea is to not be alone anymore. So I’m looking for someone (or a few people) to write guests reviews for the blog. I plan to publish these reviews when I’m too busy (or lazy) to write reviews myself. This way the site is never dorment for long periods of time. If you’d like to be a writer, send me an e-mail ( My only requirements are that you’re a proficient writer (because I’m a shitty editor), you write about lesser known anime, and that you’re not a jerk. Easy right? If you’re interested toss me an e-mail. Who knows this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. By the way, I’ve been listening to a lot of Samantha Fox lately. Long live the 80’s.

Aniblog Tourney

Posted in announcements on April 3, 2012 by predederva

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. I’m fine. Anyway let me bring you up to speed. I remember two years ago now what a big deal the Aniblog Tourney was. The people I was following on twitter were going on and on about it. I remember voting for my friends, following the results, and being excited about it as well. I guess I got caught up in the whole thing. I also remember finding more then a few interesting blogs from this. Well this year I’m participating in the Aniblog Tourny myself! You guys should go to their site and read all about this, but pretty much it’s a bunch of anime blogs competing against one another, in a bracketed style tournament. It’s all in good fun, to see what blogs are more popular and such. I don’t have any aspirations of winning, or even making it very far. But I am looking forward to having fun while losing. And hey who knows what can happen right? I will need your support however, so when my turn is up please vote for me! I’ll really appreciate it! And don’t forget to check out all these other blogs as well, and just have fun. If you’re in this as well, I wish you lot’s of luck! I’ll try and make a post when it’s my turn, and and remind you all to vote. Until then…watch Bubblegum Crisis or something. That’s what I’m doing.

Pics unrelated by the way. I just love the flashdance scene in Megazone 23.