Looking for Guest Writers

Since I started this site a few years ago now, it’s only been me here writing everything. Yup little old Prede toiling day in and day out to pump out tons of reviews for you guys to read. I slave over a hot computer, burning candles at both ends, to get an unimaginable amount of reviews out there on the internet. Ok not really, I’m sort of a slacker and have taken months off at a time. But I really am the only one who writes for the site, and I also write for The Fanboy Review. I’m also a full time university student, and earlier this year I was stressing over the LSATs  for law school (154 will do I suppose…).  So it’s not like I’m that lazy. Still even I am not happy with the long periods of hibernation this blog goes into from time to time. I do feel I need to dedicate more time to this blog. But that won’t be enough. I would like to remedy the situation and I can only see one solution. My idea is to not be alone anymore. So I’m looking for someone (or a few people) to write guests reviews for the blog. I plan to publish these reviews when I’m too busy (or lazy) to write reviews myself. This way the site is never dorment for long periods of time. If you’d like to be a writer, send me an e-mail (predederva@gmail.com). My only requirements are that you’re a proficient writer (because I’m a shitty editor), you write about lesser known anime, and that you’re not a jerk. Easy right? If you’re interested toss me an e-mail. Who knows this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. By the way, I’ve been listening to a lot of Samantha Fox lately. Long live the 80’s.

4 Responses to “Looking for Guest Writers”

  1. D’aww, I’d apply just for the sole purpose of self-aggrandizement and farming readers to read O-New but I’ve watched a total of one old anime so far, and I don’t think I’d be good at writing actual reviews anyways 😛

  2. Is it recommended that the anime titles reviewed be available on home format in North America?

    I’m not the greatest writer either. I also can’t do screencaps.

    • Well sort of. It’s a recommendation but not a requirement. If it’s legally available streaming or something it would be ok. Kind of iffy on anything else.

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