Who is That and Why Should I Care? – #2 Lt. Britain

I promised many old school fans I would review a certain anime where the police use tanks, the bad guys use inflatable giant balloon dildos to get away, and grenades are used to integrate suspects , however I still haven’t found the time to review it. Now I could have pumped out a review real fast, but I want to do the series justice and really spend a lot of time on it. So this will have to hold them over for now. So here is “Who Is That and Why Should I Care? – #2″

Who: Lt. Britain (aka Lt. Brenten)
What Show: Dominion Tank Police and New Dominion Tank Police
Why You Should Care: 

Lieutenant Britain is the leader of the tank police, a squadron of police in the future who enforce the law in Newport City with (you guessed it) tanks. The man is 110% mascoline, tough as nails, and prone to getting really worked up over something he deems important. In a word he’s AWESOME. And when I say mascoline, I mean like super macho, like more macho then these guys on testosterone pills. Lt. Britain’s solution to most problems is use a tank. You have to respect a man who knows the power of a tank.

I like Britain because he is so unlike any other character out there. He’s not a complete idiot, but he’s no genius either. He’s determined, hard headed, and a little emotionally unbalanced. He’s a man’s man. He’s a super macho kind of guy that would beat you up if you called him the wrong name! He has a lifetime subscription to “How to Kill” Magazine, aproves of  using grenades to integrate people, and  loves his tank like a brother.  And his heart is in the right place, he wants the streets to be safe. You can’t fault him for that. Plus Sean Barrett plays him in the dub, which makes him even more amazing. Nearly everything he says, and how he says it cracks me up. I think at certain times we all wish we could be a little like Britain. And I have to admit, his way of doing things works more often then you’d think. Oh and THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL- er the Tank Police !! In a way Britain is a modern day hero! I solute him! And did I mention he’s macho?

You should totally watch Dominion Tank Police! I love this show…

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