Who is That and Why Should I Care? – #3 Taichi Hiraga-Keaton

Nowadays Naoki Urasawa is known for Monster, 20th Century BoysPluto, and Billy Bat. But back in the early 90’s he worked with Hokusei Katsushika on a little series known as Master Keaton.His manga was liked enough for Madhouse to turn it into an anime in 1998. And lucky for us, Geneon released the entire 39 episodes on DVD! This series is truly a gift of an anime, and I hope you check it out.

Who: Taichi Hiraga-Keaton
What Show: Master Keaton
Why You Should Care:

Keaton is a half British, half Japanese man who is an investigator for the Lloyd’s of London insurance agency. But the man is much much more then that. He served in the British Military (the SAS) and fought in the Falklands War, he’s a professor at the prestigious Oxford University, he’s an archeologist, a survival instructor, and amateur detective.  The show focuses on Keaton, although other characters like his amazing daughter, always insightful father, or helpful partner become important from time to time.

I like Taichi Hiraga-Keaton because he’s pretty much the most interesting man in the world, without stretching the realms of reality. He’s one part Indiana Jones, one part  Sherlock Holmes, one part Edward “Bear” Grylls, one part Seal Team Six member, and the rest of him is McGyver . And did I mention he’s pretty much a genius? Yeah this guy is amazing.  But he’s still very much human. He’s a wonderful parent but he struggles with dealing with his own father. Plus he is just an all around nice guy. He’s a super cool person who is mild mannered and soft spoken. He is the kind of guy you wish you were friends with and would tell you stories from his past over a beer. The things he does in each episode to get his ass out of trouble, save someone, or just uncover the truth really amaze me. Sometimes we amaze ourselves with how we deal with our everyday life problems. Sure we never defeat a group terrorist with a spoon, but we manage too pull off some impressive things spur of the moment, and that McGyver-esque feeling feels pretty good.

You should totally watch McGyver-er  I mean Master Keaton!

6 Responses to “Who is That and Why Should I Care? – #3 Taichi Hiraga-Keaton”

  1. Interesting. Though these kind of stories are part of a weaker genre for me. I’ll add this to my “To Watch” list. I could use something without angsty whiny teenagers.

  2. There are no angsty whiny teenagers in this show, that’s for sure. Keaton is a likable character too. This series is very episodic, and there’s always an episode that everyone who watches it loves.

  3. one part Yang from Legend of the Galactic Heroes too! ❤

  4. I haven’t seen Galactic Heroes sadly. I knew you’d like this chii!

  5. Dude, funny story– I saw a promo for this somewhere and wanted to watch it but for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name.
    I’ve literally been searching through tons of anime forums looking for this elusive “old school anime about a jack of all trades,” and I randomly click on your blog and it’s right there on the front page. So thank you for that, man. :))) Will explore your blog more later.

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