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Who is That and Why Should I Care #11 – Juli Bahana

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Who:  Juli Bahana
What Show: Infinite Ryvius (2000)
Why You Should Care:

Infinite Ryvuis has often been described as “Lord of the Flies” in space. And that is entirely true. When a student academy in space is attacked, the only survivors are a group of students. Those students were nominally led by an elite group of student council members (The Zweis), however they were just in training themselves from the adults, a set of teachers. One gets the impression these cadets are in officer school, while the other students are training for a number of other positions, but much lower down in the ranks. The anime attempts to show us how real children would behave if all the adults were gone, if all the structure of formal society lifted, and they could do whatever they wanted to. Besides showing us the true state of humans, it also attempts to show us how different forms of government work. It does this by having new groups of kids fight to take over control of the space ship. Each new group of students in charge represent a different form of government, and what this show has to say about democracy may not sit well with you. This is an incredibly thoughtful, deep, and political anime. I respect that.

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Who is That and Why Should I Care #10 – Second Lieutenant Alice L Malvin

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Who:  Second Lieutenant Alice L Malvin
What Show: Pumpkin Scissors (2006)
Why You Should Care:

Alice is from a family of nobles but she acts nothing like that family. She has a real soft spot for the poor people of her country of the Royal Empire (which looks like World War One era Germany). Her life goal is to help as many people harmed by the devastating war as possible. She is quick to anger when others insult her goal, her men, or take advantage of the poor people just trying to get by. She believes in a universal idea of justice, where no one is above the law, and everyone is equal (even if the reality does not always live up to that ideal).  Her family wants her to take up the life of a rich , feminine, aristocratic socialite, not a manly soldier. Her disinterest in that, and the way she tosses away common gender roles is inspirational. She is her own person, and will do what she wants, when she wants. And she wants to help people. 

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Who is That and Why Should I Care #9 – Lala-Ru

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Now and Then, Here and There is without a doubt one of my all time favorite anime series. It’s truly a heartbreaking and emotional masterpiece, with a perfect ending. The story is so impactful, so very tear jerking, that I think everyone needs to see it. It is brilliant in its way of weaving in an important and timely message in a fantasy series, all while dissecting (or deconstructing) the Isekai genre. It is a very brutal story, but an important one. However the story would not work without an excellent cast of characters. And Lala-Ru is my favorite from the show.

Who:  Lala-Ru
What Show: 
Now and Then, Here and There (1999-2000)
Why You Should Care:

Lala-Ru is first introduced in episode one, however it will take the entire 13 episodes of this series for you to get a full understanding of who this character truly is. Lala-Ru first appears to be a blue haired, stoic, quiet cute girl around the main character’s age. She is eventually revealed to have supernatural powers over water. It turns out she is thousands of years old and magical. In the future world of this anime water has become scarce, and many technological devices run on water; not to mention everyone needs water to survive. Lala-Ru has a pendant that stores the water, yet every time she uses it, she weakens.

What I like so much about this character is she at first appears stoic and emotionless, but we later learn that she’s just worn down. She has lived for thousands of years, and must have seen countless people fight over her and her abilities. She’s seen the worst in humanity, and has lost faith in people. She used to think there were good people, but she must have watched them be murdered or die. She famously says “All the good people of this world are already dead.” Yet by the end her hope in humanity is restored, she believes in someone. That is so inspirational. The way she shows this, what she does in the last episode is heartbreaking.

I also really like the way she looks. Her blue hair, calm eyes, and cute face helps to depict the type of character Lala-Ru is. It also helps her name is so cool and unique! There’s really nothing else like that name! She’s also a very powerful but vulnerable character. I like how this character grows, how she changes with the story, and where she ends up. She is the type of person I would like to meet in real life. She is the central point, the catalyst, to everything that happens in Now and Then, Here and There. And she makes the entire anime work. She’s an all time favorite character of mine, as I like how cynical and dark she is, yet also how she can change her mind.

Who is That and Why Should I Care #8 – Inspector Meguis

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I just started watching Birdy the Mighty: Decode on Funimation’s streaming site the other day. I remember hearing about this show before it even aired, and being excited about it. I really liked the original OVA, directed by none other than Yoshiaki Kawajiri. But somehow this show got pushed back and back in my “stuff to buy” list and so I never got around to picking it up. But I’ve had some free time lately, so decided to check it out. But I had one important question before I started it. Would Birdy’s boss, Inspector Meguis be in this?

Inspector Meguis

Who:  Inspector Meguis
What Show: 
Birdy the Mighty OVAs (1996)
Why You Should Care:

Inspector Meguis is the boss of interplanetary agency, bent on enforcing law in the galaxy. In a way he’s like the director of the FBI. Earth is considered some hick planet at the edges of civilization that most aliens ignore. But when one of Meguis’s best agents, Birdy, get’s involved in a case where some bad aliens are hiding out on earth, you can bet Meguis gets deeply involved. Although he never comes to earth, his hologram gives direct instructions to to Birdy in secret.

I like Inspector Meguis because he’s a very calm, level headed thinker. He’s smart, thinks ahead, and a is a real planner. But more then that he’s just completely cool. Not to mention he’s a giant bug! He looks entirely exquisite. Plus he really cares about the lifeforms of earth, keeping the peace, and making the galaxy safe for all. His decisions in the OVA save countless lives, and help make the galaxy a much better place to live in. He’s a hero in my book. His english voice actor, Tom Foral, gives him such a wonderfully fitting voice. He’s easily the best actor in the entire dub. Finally the most important reason he’s a favorite character of mine is if not for Inspector Meguis, I highly doubt we’d have a Birdy. I hope to see a lot from him in the new anime.

You really owe it to yourself to check out the original Birdy the Mighty OVAs.

Bonus: I’m not sure how it’s possible considering how cool he is, but there’s almost no good screenshots of Meguis available. So I took a ton of screenshots and I’m pretty sure these are the best pictures of this character on the internet. So I’m including a few more in this then usual. Enjoy!

Special Thanks to Talentless Troll for trying to help me find some screenshots of this character. Apparently there aren’t many, and the ones out there are pretty bad.

Who is That and Why Should I Care #7 – Manami

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I was never really a fan of pervy, fanservice, and ecchi series. These types of shows are a dime a dozen. But once in awhile I watch one against my better judgement. Some of them are very watchable, even if I’d never call them good. This is a good example here, that makes me laugh, and has some good moments. Part of what makes it so funny is the crazy pop-up comments that break the fourth wall and comment on what’s happening. Anyway here is Who is That and Why Should I Care #7


Who: Manami/Nami
What Show: Sprite: Between Two Worlds
Why You Should Care:

Manami is your average shy, soft-spoken, and modest school girl. The boys like her a lot, perhaps because of the fact she seems like she’s hard to get. However because the boys pay attention to her a few of the girls bully her. Her distant relative, Toru, from out in the sticks comes to Tokyo to live with her and her parents. And even he has a crush on her. The bullying and stress however cause her to have somewhat of a nervous breakdown, and she develops a split personality.

I like Manami because she’s a soft-spoken and nice girl who seems very friendly. She’s a cute girl, and I really like her pony tails.  But she’s pretty with her hair down too. She’s a good person and I like how she tried to help out Toru when he needs it, even if he is a perv. And even when the girls treat her terribly she  doesn’t want to get back at them. She’s just a super-nicer girl, who won’t even defend herself. Her other personality, Nami is mean spirited, tough, cruel, very sexual, and outspoken. Nami is the polar opposite of Manami, and is more then willing to defend herself and even go a little too far when she does it. I find her to be an interesting character because of her split personality. This aspect of the show help makes what otherwise would be a shallow show a little deep. But don’t get me wrong, it’s usually about showing the  girls in revealing situations. But when it’s not it’s a better show for it. I think we can all relate to being a goody-two-shoes, yet also wanting to flip out and get revenge. Having a split personality like Manami/Nami would allow us to do both!

You might want to watch Sprite: Between Two Worlds, but only if there’s nothing better on TV.


Who is That and Why Should I Care – #6 Nanase

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This is an anime that may appeal to me more then your average fan, mostly do to my interests. I am deeply interested in law and politics, hence my double major. This is an anime that deals with the law, but in a more philosophical sense. I like what it has to say about why we should or shouldn’t defend criminals in courts and such. I also respect the fact, that like any good early 90’s OVA it’s over-the-top , there’s violence, sex, and crazy stuff going on. But it somehow mixes the two aspects together, and you get an over-the-top deep show with some profound things to say. As I said before, Judge “walks the line between high and low brow”. Well at any rate here is a character from Judge, for Who is That and Why Should I Care? #6

Who: Nanase
What Show: Judge
Why You Should Care: 

Nanase is a secretary at some big Japanese company. She is dating Hoichiro Ohma, who also works for the company. She seems to wear the pants in the relationship, as Ohma gets pushed around a little and work, but it is Nanase who defends him. The two have a quite normal relationship and gossip about who’s seeing who, and who is involved in what shady aspects of the business and such. Nanase has a knack for pointing out the truth and saying it, like when she notes how strong a child is for not crying at the parent’s funeral.

I like Nanase because she’s just so adorable! Her relationship with Ohma is so cute! It’s a quite realistic relationship, that we don’t see much of in anime. They’re in their late 20’s, already living together, and are quite comfortable where they are. I can’t think of many anime that show characters in this aspect of their relationship. In the anime I usually watch the characters are either married already, have a crush on each other, or just started dating. They’re never at this aspect of a relationship. I really love the way these two interact. Nanase is a good person, she stands up for her man, and she knows what’s best for their relationship. She claims her mother would not be proud of who she’s dating however. She’s a very attractive women who should have had a bigger part in the OVA. I really like her personality. She and Ohma have a  parrot that likes to repeat what the two say while they have sex, and this really pisses her off. She’s a very likable character.

You should totally watch Judge.

Who is That and Why Should I Care – #5 Kanzaki

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You ever have a really amazing teacher, but people in your class didn’t like him? In high school I had this really cool math teacher, who some people didn’t really respect. They would always talk in class, give him trouble, and never let him teach. Now my math teacher was a cage fighter (I’m not joking), so I would have liked to see him tear them apart, but alas he never did. Anyway that’s what I have in common with this next character. I really respected my teacher, but others kind of hated him for no reason except for the fact he was a teacher.

Who: Urumi Kanzaki
What Show: Great Teacher Onizuka
Why You Should Care: 

For the first bunch of episodes of GTO, Kanzaki is playing hooky. She’s a genius and feels there’s no real reason to come to school. But her classmates drag Kanzaki to class, in order to get rid of their teacher, Onizuka. They failed at getting him fired, and know how smart she is and how she hates teachers. The ringleader trying to get their teacher fired is Miyabi, who only hates Onizuka because he’s a teacher. She has no real reason. They figure if anyone can get their teacher fired it’s her. However instead of trying to get him fired, she takes a liking to  Onizuka’s honesty and the fact he’s a very genuine kind of person. She instead sides with the students who try to keep Onizuka from getting fired!

I really like Kanzaki because when Miyabi and the other girls who are trying to get Onizuka fired don’t play fair, Kanzaki doesn’t either! And to be honest Miyabi and her friends sort of deserve everything they get from Kanazki. The other students who like Onizuka would never go as far as Kanazki does to try and save him, and that’s why she’s a vital part of that group.  Onizuka himself would feel he couldn’t and shouldn’t do anything to Miyabi because he’s supposed to care for his students. So you need Kanzaki there, ready to stop the brat that is Miyabi. At one point she even goes as far to hire kidnappers to rough up   Miyabi and her friends and get a random in order to save Onizuka’s job!  She is determined and will do whatever it takes to keep an amazing teacher at her school. I really like how Onizuka brings out the best in her, because after hanging around Onizuka for awhile she begins to smile, laugh and just enjoy life. I really can relate to her impulse to fight fire with fire, as I hate when people don’t play fair. But I’d never do the things she does. I think we all like to see brats get what they deserve, and that’s what Kanzaki lives for. Also I might add just like Kanzaki I was much smarter then everyone else in the class and could have probably been teaching it, but liked the teacher too much.

You should totally watch Great Teacher Onizuka!