Who is That and Why Should I Care? – #1 Kuromi

Ok so today I decided to start a new column for my blog. The reason for this new column stems from my newly found motivation to write, and my lack of actually having an anime to write about. Ok that’s only partly true, I have two anime series I want to discuss, but haven’t finished them yet! Also the idea for this new column is being shamelessly stolen from Oishii Anime’s 365 Days of Anime, although her column is much better put together then mine and features way more characters then I’d ever be able to write about. So you should totally read through her characters. There is no way I’ll be able to do 365 of these posts, but let’s see how many I can do! Also another shout out, rayneholde created the banner for this column, and it looks amazing and I am forever in debt for it.  So without without further ado, here is “Who Is That and Why Should I Care? – #1”

Who: Kuromi
What Show: Animation Runner Kuromi 1 and 2
Why You Should Care:

Kuromi starts the anime applying for a job at an animation studio, when the Boss get’s sick while interviewing her and the job of Production Desk Manager get’s thrown onto her. It is now up to Kuromi to inspire a bunch of lazy, unmotivated, and frankly odd artists to finish their work in time for the next episode of the series to air on TV! And as usual they are way behind schedule.

I like Kuromi because even though she gets discouraged once or twice, she keeps on trying to get everything done. She never gives up! She’s a very active, fast paced, and hyper character. When she opens her mouth words are leaving her lips faster then she can figure out exactly what to say. I think we can all relate to trying your hardest, dealing with stubborn and unorthodox people, and being thrown into an environment we are not used to. On a daily basis she has to deal with things way over her head, and by the end of the show all her hard work pays off. She’s a very cool, funny, and cheerful character that I really love.

You should totally watch Animation Runner Kuromi and Animation Runner Kuromi 2 !

2 Responses to “Who is That and Why Should I Care? – #1 Kuromi”

  1. This looks like an interesting column XD Haven’t watched Animation Runner Kuromi yet but she seems interesting.

  2. Thanks for the comment. You should check out ARK.

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