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Who is That and Why Should I Care #11 – Juli Bahana

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Who:  Juli Bahana
What Show: Infinite Ryvius (2000)
Why You Should Care:

Infinite Ryvuis has often been described as “Lord of the Flies” in space. And that is entirely true. When a student academy in space is attacked, the only survivors are a group of students. Those students were nominally led by an elite group of student council members (The Zweis), however they were just in training themselves from the adults, a set of teachers. One gets the impression these cadets are in officer school, while the other students are training for a number of other positions, but much lower down in the ranks. The anime attempts to show us how real children would behave if all the adults were gone, if all the structure of formal society lifted, and they could do whatever they wanted to. Besides showing us the true state of humans, it also attempts to show us how different forms of government work. It does this by having new groups of kids fight to take over control of the space ship. Each new group of students in charge represent a different form of government, and what this show has to say about democracy may not sit well with you. This is an incredibly thoughtful, deep, and political anime. I respect that.

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