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Who is That and Why Should I Care #10 – Second Lieutenant Alice L Malvin

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Who:  Second Lieutenant Alice L Malvin
What Show: Pumpkin Scissors (2006)
Why You Should Care:

Alice is from a family of nobles but she acts nothing like that family. She has a real soft spot for the poor people of her country of the Royal Empire (which looks like World War One era Germany). Her life goal is to help as many people harmed by the devastating war as possible. She is quick to anger when others insult her goal, her men, or take advantage of the poor people just trying to get by. She believes in a universal idea of justice, where no one is above the law, and everyone is equal (even if the reality does not always live up to that ideal).  Her family wants her to take up the life of a rich , feminine, aristocratic socialite, not a manly soldier. Her disinterest in that, and the way she tosses away common gender roles is inspirational. She is her own person, and will do what she wants, when she wants. And she wants to help people. 

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Welcome to the NHK Review

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Welcome to the NHK

Welcome to the review…

Welcome to the NHK is an anime TV Series that’s 24 episodes long and aired in Japan in 2006. The anime follows a college drop out-turn hikikomori, Tatsuhiro Sato as he lives his life, deals with depression and how he attempts to once again become a functioning person in society. A hikikomori is a practically a person living as a recluse, shut up in their home, who chooses to separate themselves from society. They are afraid to leave their houses, stay clear of social situations, and often spend long periods of the day sleeping. This is becoming somewhat of a problem in Japan (among other places) with many 20-something year olds, where it is possible for the parents of the person to fully support them. Sato spends his days watching TV, sleeping, and just wasting his life away. He’s even too afraid to step out of his apartment and go next door to complain to his neighbor who has been playing the same annoying anime theme, over and over again, for more then a month now. Sato also is a huge conspiracy nut, something he seems to have picked up from one of his friends from High School, Hitomi (who is seen in flashbacks and becomes an important character). He seems to blame “the NHK” (a Japanese TV cooperation) for all of his problems, including being a hikikomori.

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