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Cybernetics Guardian

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The only thing I knew going into Cybernetics Guardian was that it was “terribad”. This is allegedly one of those old 1980’s OVAs filled with action, gore, and little else. Muddled story, poorly written characters, dumb things happening really fast? It’s supposed to have all that and nothing else. Since it was directed by Koichi Ohata, creator and director of M.D. Geist ,the so called “2nd worst anime ever made”, it is widely said that this OVA is nearly as bad. I mean that’s not an unreasonable thought. Surely the guy behind the dreck that is M.D. Geist would make other bad anime. So my expectations going into this one were as low as possible. This might explain my point of view, at least somewhat. And so with that out of the way, I was pleasantly surprised. I found this to be an engaging, entertaining, beautiful little anime.

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Predecast Episode 03

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In Episode 03 of our Podcast, we review the spy blockbuster anime Read or Die the OVA and the oldschool OVA series Gunsmith Cats. Be sure to give it a listen!

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic

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“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost” – Dante Alighieri

Back in the day Japan used to pump out these anthology films, short experimental works directed by the big new names in Anime. They were often highly experimental, sometimes non-narrative, always creative, artistic, and sandbox pieces. The new and cool director was given pretty much free range to direct a good 10 to 15 minutes of anime; they could do whatever they wanted in whatever way they wanted. Then the next director was given a chance to make his little piece. Want to make an anime all about the evolution and history of mankind depicted through clouds and lightning? Fine here’s the checkbook, make daddy proud. The money spent on animation and artwork alone was something no sane production company would ever greenlight today. I can’t imagine the money guys at these production studios seriously thought these would be money making endeavors, but hey it was the baburu keiki. Money was not hard to come by when the salarymen were sprinkling their sushi with gold. I half think some of these projects were ways to avoid taxes “Oh no we are going to make a profit this year, and then we will have to pay taxes! Blow it on some crazy project that will let us do a write off this year”. Think of projects like Robot Carnival, or Neo Tokyo. And yeh once in awhile they’ll throw us something similar, like this project or Short Piece, but they are ever so rare.

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There is a scene halfway through Canaan where Liang Qi get’s her men to bring Maria to the central control room of the conference center. When Maria get’s thrown in there, the first thing she does is ask “Where is Canaan?”. Her response? A quick kick to the face! Liang then uses Maria’s phone to call Canaan, and lure her to this trap at the conference center. But while on the phone Maria begs Canaan not to come, although Canaan says she’s coming anyway. Angered by this Liang destroys the cell phone, and pulls a gun on Maria, who is still on the floor because that kick really hurt. She’s going to kill Maria, which seems logical. They have no other use for her, and Canaan will without a doubt be showing up soon anyway. Maria can only get in their way if left alive. It seems like they can finally kill Canaan too. But no, a mere second or two before she pulls the trigger, Alphard of all people shoots the gun out of her hand. But why?

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