What an Upset


Harry Truman

I won!! I’m going into the second rounds at the Aniblog Tourney! It was a very close match, one I was not supposed to win, but somehow I won. Even with people actively campaigning against me (because two years ago I hurt their feelings by not having the same exact tastes in anime as them, so they wanted me to lose) I still squeaked by. What an upset! And I owe it all to you guys. Thanks for the votes everyone. And thanks to The Manga Critic , for putting up such a great fight.

11 Responses to “What an Upset”

  1. Congrats! You deserve it. And shame on the haters who spoke ill of you simply because you have an opinion.

  2. HA! I voted for you, duh, and typed it in the comments but it hadn’t been approved yet by your win. Don’t know your past about hurting feelings, so whoopy!

  3. Anyone who liked Riding Bean is worthy of my vote and subscription. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the first win (win by one vote…wow!)

  5. Just as Planned just squeaked by you as planned as well.

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