Aniblog Tourney Match Made in Hell

Catty from Gall Force

Hello everyone coming here from the Aniblog Tourney! I’m probably supposed to tell you why you should vote for me here right? Well it seems as though fate has matched me against a semi-professional, excellently staffed, and well run blog. You see I’m going up against The Manga Critic which is actually a real blog. As apposed to this site here, which only poses as a blog. And it’s run entirely by me, Prede, by the way. So I won’t blame you if you vote for the real blog over me. But then again everyone loves an underdog right? The only good reason I have for why you should vote for me over them is I feel I’m doing something special here. Now-a-days every other blog seems to cover currently airing shows, or new manga, or the big trends in today’s anime. Which is perfectly fine, I mean we need people to write about that stuff. I however write reviews about lesser known series. There’s so few people out there writing about lost treasures, forgotten series, classics, and the stuff most people missed but should see. So if there’s any reason you should vote for me, it’s that I cover stuff that many people out there just don’t. I know I’m not the only person to ever cover this kind of stuff (in fact everyone else does it better then me). But you have to admit among the anime bloggers there’s very few people out there that cover the kind of anime I do. I have no fantasies of winning this tourney, or even getting very far in it. (And I am having a ball with this by the way! Been loads of fun! I may lose, but I’m going to enjoy losing!)  Below is a few handpicked reviews that I feel both represent the aspirations of the blog, and are well written. And I do hope you stick around even after the tourney is over and keep reading my reviews. I know I don’t write much, but I do put a lot of time and effort into what I do write. Thanks for stopping by! If you want a list of all my reviews click here. If you want to know more about me click here. If you’re not coming from the Aniblog Tourney, you can vote for me here.

Tomomi from Megazone 23

What you should read: 

Judge – 4/5 Stars

Petite Princess Yucie – 4.5/5 Stars

A Wind Named Amnesia – 5/5 Stars

Big Wars – 3/5 Stars

Gall Force: Eternal Story – 3.5/5 Stars


6 Responses to “Aniblog Tourney Match Made in Hell”

  1. Nice reviews you got going on here, I’m checking out Green Legend Ran from the review you wrote up while I was surfing your site … good luck … a lot of spelling errors though fix this post!!!

  2. Even if you don’t win, you still have a follower in me. I like your blog and it is a blog. Don’t sell yourself short!

  3. I do like the Manga Critic, but I really like the retro anime theme of your blog. But you need to post more stuff! Hmmm…maybe I do want to help out with your blog after all.

    • I do need help, as I have plenty I want to write about but not nearly enough time. Writing a major review pretty much kills my entire night, not counting watching or re-watching the anime of course, which I am infamous for being incredibly slow at. I need a guest writer or a real writer who can put out some reviews when I’m very busy. Thanks though! I try to keep the retro going!

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