Who is That and Why Should I Care #8 – Inspector Meguis

I just started watching Birdy the Mighty: Decode on Funimation’s streaming site the other day. I remember hearing about this show before it even aired, and being excited about it. I really liked the original OVA, directed by none other than Yoshiaki Kawajiri. But somehow this show got pushed back and back in my “stuff to buy” list and so I never got around to picking it up. But I’ve had some free time lately, so decided to check it out. But I had one important question before I started it. Would Birdy’s boss, Inspector Meguis be in this?

Inspector Meguis

Who:  Inspector Meguis
What Show: 
Birdy the Mighty OVAs (1996)
Why You Should Care:

Inspector Meguis is the boss of interplanetary agency, bent on enforcing law in the galaxy. In a way he’s like the director of the FBI. Earth is considered some hick planet at the edges of civilization that most aliens ignore. But when one of Meguis’s best agents, Birdy, get’s involved in a case where some bad aliens are hiding out on earth, you can bet Meguis gets deeply involved. Although he never comes to earth, his hologram gives direct instructions to to Birdy in secret.

I like Inspector Meguis because he’s a very calm, level headed thinker. He’s smart, thinks ahead, and a is a real planner. But more then that he’s just completely cool. Not to mention he’s a giant bug! He looks entirely exquisite. Plus he really cares about the lifeforms of earth, keeping the peace, and making the galaxy safe for all. His decisions in the OVA save countless lives, and help make the galaxy a much better place to live in. He’s a hero in my book. His english voice actor, Tom Foral, gives him such a wonderfully fitting voice. He’s easily the best actor in the entire dub. Finally the most important reason he’s a favorite character of mine is if not for Inspector Meguis, I highly doubt we’d have a Birdy. I hope to see a lot from him in the new anime.

You really owe it to yourself to check out the original Birdy the Mighty OVAs.

Bonus: I’m not sure how it’s possible considering how cool he is, but there’s almost no good screenshots of Meguis available. So I took a ton of screenshots and I’m pretty sure these are the best pictures of this character on the internet. So I’m including a few more in this then usual. Enjoy!

Special Thanks to Talentless Troll for trying to help me find some screenshots of this character. Apparently there aren’t many, and the ones out there are pretty bad.

2 Responses to “Who is That and Why Should I Care #8 – Inspector Meguis”

  1. “Not to mention he’s a giant bug! He looks entirely exquisite.”

    Strange taste in bugs you have there. It’s nice that people don’t judge on appearances, though.

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