Who is That and Why Should I Care #7 – Manami

I was never really a fan of pervy, fanservice, and ecchi series. These types of shows are a dime a dozen. But once in awhile I watch one against my better judgement. Some of them are very watchable, even if I’d never call them good. This is a good example here, that makes me laugh, and has some good moments. Part of what makes it so funny is the crazy pop-up comments that break the fourth wall and comment on what’s happening. Anyway here is Who is That and Why Should I Care #7


Who: Manami/Nami
What Show: Sprite: Between Two Worlds
Why You Should Care:

Manami is your average shy, soft-spoken, and modest school girl. The boys like her a lot, perhaps because of the fact she seems like she’s hard to get. However because the boys pay attention to her a few of the girls bully her. Her distant relative, Toru, from out in the sticks comes to Tokyo to live with her and her parents. And even he has a crush on her. The bullying and stress however cause her to have somewhat of a nervous breakdown, and she develops a split personality.

I like Manami because she’s a soft-spoken and nice girl who seems very friendly. She’s a cute girl, and I really like her pony tails.  But she’s pretty with her hair down too. She’s a good person and I like how she tried to help out Toru when he needs it, even if he is a perv. And even when the girls treat her terribly she  doesn’t want to get back at them. She’s just a super-nicer girl, who won’t even defend herself. Her other personality, Nami is mean spirited, tough, cruel, very sexual, and outspoken. Nami is the polar opposite of Manami, and is more then willing to defend herself and even go a little too far when she does it. I find her to be an interesting character because of her split personality. This aspect of the show help makes what otherwise would be a shallow show a little deep. But don’t get me wrong, it’s usually about showing the  girls in revealing situations. But when it’s not it’s a better show for it. I think we can all relate to being a goody-two-shoes, yet also wanting to flip out and get revenge. Having a split personality like Manami/Nami would allow us to do both!

You might want to watch Sprite: Between Two Worlds, but only if there’s nothing better on TV.


2 Responses to “Who is That and Why Should I Care #7 – Manami”

  1. I might want to check out this show. Usually I find those sorts of characters more often in contemporary media, but I don’t think I’ve watched many anime with true split personalities. Plus, I’m someone who enjoys a proper pervy, non-harem anime/manga. It may be interesting to see something from that genre in that era.

  2. Well beware it is QUITE pervy, and shows nudity. And the best part of the series is when it deals with the split personality aspect of the character. Still hardly a show I can fully recommend. Some of it is a chore to watch really. It’s not terrible or anything, but you have to have low expectations going into it. This is circa 1996 btw.

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