Who is That and Why Should I Care – #6 Nanase

This is an anime that may appeal to me more then your average fan, mostly do to my interests. I am deeply interested in law and politics, hence my double major. This is an anime that deals with the law, but in a more philosophical sense. I like what it has to say about why we should or shouldn’t defend criminals in courts and such. I also respect the fact, that like any good early 90’s OVA it’s over-the-top , there’s violence, sex, and crazy stuff going on. But it somehow mixes the two aspects together, and you get an over-the-top deep show with some profound things to say. As I said before, Judge “walks the line between high and low brow”. Well at any rate here is a character from Judge, for Who is That and Why Should I Care? #6

Who: Nanase
What Show: Judge
Why You Should Care: 

Nanase is a secretary at some big Japanese company. She is dating Hoichiro Ohma, who also works for the company. She seems to wear the pants in the relationship, as Ohma gets pushed around a little and work, but it is Nanase who defends him. The two have a quite normal relationship and gossip about who’s seeing who, and who is involved in what shady aspects of the business and such. Nanase has a knack for pointing out the truth and saying it, like when she notes how strong a child is for not crying at the parent’s funeral.

I like Nanase because she’s just so adorable! Her relationship with Ohma is so cute! It’s a quite realistic relationship, that we don’t see much of in anime. They’re in their late 20’s, already living together, and are quite comfortable where they are. I can’t think of many anime that show characters in this aspect of their relationship. In the anime I usually watch the characters are either married already, have a crush on each other, or just started dating. They’re never at this aspect of a relationship. I really love the way these two interact. Nanase is a good person, she stands up for her man, and she knows what’s best for their relationship. She claims her mother would not be proud of who she’s dating however. She’s a very attractive women who should have had a bigger part in the OVA. I really like her personality. She and Ohma have a  parrot that likes to repeat what the two say while they have sex, and this really pisses her off. She’s a very likable character.

You should totally watch Judge.

2 Responses to “Who is That and Why Should I Care – #6 Nanase”

  1. I like her short hair. I dig short hair on a woman.

  2. Yeh she’s cute isn’t she? I like her cool hair too.

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