Who is That and Why Should I Care – #5 Kanzaki

You ever have a really amazing teacher, but people in your class didn’t like him? In high school I had this really cool math teacher, who some people didn’t really respect. They would always talk in class, give him trouble, and never let him teach. Now my math teacher was a cage fighter (I’m not joking), so I would have liked to see him tear them apart, but alas he never did. Anyway that’s what I have in common with this next character. I really respected my teacher, but others kind of hated him for no reason except for the fact he was a teacher.

Who: Urumi Kanzaki
What Show: Great Teacher Onizuka
Why You Should Care: 

For the first bunch of episodes of GTO, Kanzaki is playing hooky. She’s a genius and feels there’s no real reason to come to school. But her classmates drag Kanzaki to class, in order to get rid of their teacher, Onizuka. They failed at getting him fired, and know how smart she is and how she hates teachers. The ringleader trying to get their teacher fired is Miyabi, who only hates Onizuka because he’s a teacher. She has no real reason. They figure if anyone can get their teacher fired it’s her. However instead of trying to get him fired, she takes a liking to  Onizuka’s honesty and the fact he’s a very genuine kind of person. She instead sides with the students who try to keep Onizuka from getting fired!

I really like Kanzaki because when Miyabi and the other girls who are trying to get Onizuka fired don’t play fair, Kanzaki doesn’t either! And to be honest Miyabi and her friends sort of deserve everything they get from Kanazki. The other students who like Onizuka would never go as far as Kanazki does to try and save him, and that’s why she’s a vital part of that group.  Onizuka himself would feel he couldn’t and shouldn’t do anything to Miyabi because he’s supposed to care for his students. So you need Kanzaki there, ready to stop the brat that is Miyabi. At one point she even goes as far to hire kidnappers to rough up   Miyabi and her friends and get a random in order to save Onizuka’s job!  She is determined and will do whatever it takes to keep an amazing teacher at her school. I really like how Onizuka brings out the best in her, because after hanging around Onizuka for awhile she begins to smile, laugh and just enjoy life. I really can relate to her impulse to fight fire with fire, as I hate when people don’t play fair. But I’d never do the things she does. I think we all like to see brats get what they deserve, and that’s what Kanzaki lives for. Also I might add just like Kanzaki I was much smarter then everyone else in the class and could have probably been teaching it, but liked the teacher too much.

You should totally watch Great Teacher Onizuka!

2 Responses to “Who is That and Why Should I Care – #5 Kanzaki”

  1. The world should watch GTO. It won’t happen, but it should!

  2. I shall try to accomplish this goal.

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